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I am a beauty blogger based in KN(St.Kitts). My goal is to write informational post for you all. I love the will of being free to do what I want and when I choose to do so. But in the real world that is not a everyday option. 

So far my blog is a micro one owned and run solely by me. Yh its a challenge too!It covers topics like nails (more so to art). Despite not being good and free hand art I love doing -it puts me to learn under pressure! Another thing is old profound love of finding beauty products for specific current problematic areas.This one encourages me to stretch my legs now and then. 

As you know I am a affiliate member of Allure beauty box from provided beauty posts reviews. It's only one of the many I hoping to continue with and maybe gain other opportunities.

Below I have listed some quick brief information
about me for your perusals!

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