Body Image Issues | How do you see yourself?

July 09, 2019

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Body Image Issues | How do you see yourself?

Hi! Over the past months this year I have been on a steady weight loss trend. One minute it is there, the next minute it's gone. The problem is I haven't been exercising or cleansing, but instead somehow been stressing about my deceased mother situation has caused such to happen. She was a victim of Cancer but she never said anything until it was almost too late. But anyway, this is my first post about me introducing myself and expressing one of my present issues on my body image.

Body Image Issues | Before the Weightless

Being confident wasn't cutting it for me! Actually a year ago I had gained about 10 pounds after being hospitalized.  It took me about almost half of a  year to see myself for who I am. And gaining weight is like a blessing which shows that you're in a good state of mind and well, being. Most people would comment to you or be hateful about that situation. So I was placed on some antidepressant that helped me to gain weight rapidly. I never paid it no mind until I started to work, that is when a bought a full-size mirror.

Somehow seeing myself at a different perspective made me felted insecure. I totaled in about 162 lbs, nothing much for an average person. I  Priorly maintained my weight at 152, for an entire year! For me, everything was perfect, my waist was 32 my hips and butt 42 inches. The only problem was finding jeans that would fit my waist and butt without being too tight. Everyone had admired my physical appearance and complimented me every time. I never felt high and mighty, but somewhat different causally all eyes were on me everywhere I walked. So if I had thoughts of committing a crime, it would have to change promptly. All in all, it was like a stage moment without fancy clothing. And it became a problem, never been dressed appropriately for my body type! Even though I had all the right concepts of what I should own in my closet. Poise was a great shame barrier, my positive body image thoughts were at the laying bottom. Imagine trying on a dress and having to see that there are huge problem areas such as the stomach. Yeah, I know that is quick with plenty of workouts, but somehow it causes over tremendous pains. Muscle contraction on the first day or two of the workout and you know what comes after that muscular body aches. Guessing it was because of the excess fat that had needed to be toned. Sometimes I would look in the mirror and just laugh.

Body Image Issues | After the Weight Loss

As mentioned, my mother died like three weeks ago and her condition impacted my overall appearance. Somehow, no matter what I did, my weight started to shred and gain I guess an extremely stressful situation that was unaware of. Now all my weight has been deducted I had to look in the mirror couple times to ensure that there were not any dramatic physical body changes. When I glimpse myself for some reason, I am not emotional. This time around I barely have any fear since I am slimmer well actually slim.

I took several pictures of myself after the weight loss, and place them on Instagram as a mechanism for personal growth and positive body image mental gain. So in other words, I kind of challenge myself into the body image help scenario. And found it quite amazing to ease the tension of the mind problems lately, it worked anyways. Giving me a no, sorry moment of regrets and a stronger mental!

Even thou the weight has gone, I found myself slowing gaining it back weekly. I am more confident despite the fact that my clothing has much space. I am learning to dress for my body type without the usual comfort wear. This time around I strongly feel like I can adventure into the art of becoming my own personal model, especially since I am blogging and posting on social media.

It's evident that I have body  and confidence issues is a strong lacking area. Though I am learning to develop a better poise for the stake of me and the blog, since taking personal photos is a number rule for lifestyle bloggers and  if recognition is a long term goal. Please share your thoughts on your Body Image issues below if there are any!


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  1. Sorry to hear about your mom passing just so recently. The hurt, grief and sadness must still be so fresh for you. I think majority of us has had body image issues at different stages of our lives and for some, it is not as big a thing and sounds like this has been a big issue for you. Great on the awareness girl! I always believe that every change starts with awareness.

    1. thanks you i really appreciate your comment


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