10 books for 10 months reading challenge

March 04, 2019

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Reading challenge

Hold up, pause for a moment - 2019 is 2 3 months in already. This year we're about to start a reading book challenge with 10 books for 10 months of course.

It's my first year blogging through days dreamt and excitement is just the beginning of this reading book challenge. For this, you are only asked to choose a book per month base upon the stated categories.

Let's start making this a reality


Think about it as getting a some  me moments where you would be applying to engage in reading. Reason, cause we are going to need some serious time management to get through this. And great emphasis is given to myself on getting a critical time management. Since constantly reading book seems to not be my strong area. Creating a book timesheet would have to be wonderful suggestion for like minded individuals. Now if you look at the checklist better yet downloaded it, you'll see specific category listed per month. Then just choose whatever book you want to read within the category.

A great recommendation is place on using Amazon kindle books, library or purchasing your own book whichever best suits.

Side note: join Good read  and maybe a group that can aide you along with your struggles. In addition you could schedule or select your books in advance while being able to keep track whatever you've read and possible give a rating for your chosen books.

Download the 10 books for 10 months reading book challenge check list

Reading challenge list

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